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Thank you for visiting the Biblical Studies Center. Please note that all Tim Gallant’s material formerly housed here has now been migrated to his author web site’s essays section. You can find all those essays, and more, here:

Further information from Tim

This site was originally envisioned as a multi-contributor site, which never really materialized. Over the past several years, I have decided that it would be better to house all my work together rather than having material spread over a wide array of sites. Consequently, material previously housed at this site, as well as now-defunct sites such as,,, and others, as well as a handful of third-party sites, will now always be found together at

This is not only a cost-saving measure; it alleviates the longstanding problem of having numerous sites which are rarely updated. Equally importantly, it makes it much easier for my readers to find a specific essay rather than tracking through numerous web sites.

The domain downsizing does not affect, which (Lord willing) will remain live permanently.

This domain will remain active at least throughout 2022 in order to serve as a redirect until visitors become accustomed to visiting the author site instead. At some point after that, the domain will be cancelled.

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